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Medical Reimbursement Education for today.

One Code was born from the necessity of medical coding educational programs with realistic work-related possibilities.  The transition to Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other specific industry requirements forced the health sector to rely on skillful professionals. But the availability of reliable timely programs and the large array of options in the marketplace often leave people overwhelmingly confused. One Code satisfies the life balance demands with a quick boost of abilities, the future requirements for clear career pathways, and affordability of only investing in tangible usable tools.


 The Health Information Management (HIM) is a progressive career. As healthcare keeps advancing into the mega industry, the need for updated and adaptive set of skill is imperative to keep a career momentum.  One Code teaches the necessary language, mandates, and initial progression into a long term professional life starting with a strong base for certification/credential achievement. We strongly encourage our students to continuously polish and expand their abilities until finding their ideal clicking niche into the machinery.


Medical Coding Classification Systems and More

One Code commits to hiring highly qualified talents whose unique level of expertise will provide students with real-work perspective with honest teaching approach; passing their wisdom while nurturing growth. Medical Coding is the backbone of the documentation system. It is useful for all aspects of HIM. Our educational programs concentrate on facilitating increased knowledge of classification systems mainly on: ICD-10 CM/PCS, HCPCS, and CPT-4.  

Differently, to other educational institutions, we thrive with the success of our students to complete their course work, obtain a core credential, and to then land in job positions with a clear vision of the career pathways available. Our educational package is all inclusive of important tools with no hidden fees and unnecessary time line.


We welcome everyone into our program and it is our priority the empowering of women. The economy settings had forced women to enter the workforce in massive scaling numbers since the 70’s. Unfortunately, women are part of the most vulnerable groups to succumb under scarce economies; this population is often underpaid and offered fewer benefits (WB). 

Furthermore, women experience much more set-backs in their professional career (maternity leave, child care/geriatric care-related responsibilities, or lack of opportunities), falling short in the advancement of their employment history. Additionally, reliable child care expenses force women to reject entry-level opportunities due to affordability. This expense signifies up to a 30% of the monthly family expenditure, in most cases higher than lodging costs. One Code agrees with the United Nations building a better world on the empowering of women.  We abide to the Women’s Empowerment 4th Principle recognizing educational opportunities as an important pathway to equality

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Words from Our Team


Lilibeth Grimes, HIT Director


“My first job in the US Health Sector was in the records room of a large MCO’s finance department in NYC. Since I wasn’t a fluent English speaker, it didn’t need much talking; nevertheless, it gave me an appreciation for standardization and respect for cohesive workflow. I was fortunate to move up to more responsibilities around revenue cycle and now as One Code’s AHIMA Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Trainer, I’m happy to share my knowledge with people who also thrive for more!”


Cameron West, Web Development, and SEO



“As a Digital Marketing Expert, I’m in charge of coordinating the efforts for One Code™ website configuration. My goal is to grow our web and social media presence and to help others with their digital endeavors. My experience with Maurice Bretzfield, one of the earliest adopters of SEO had given me the core essentials for continuing this e-quest”