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Medical Coding Education Services

Medical Coding Online learning might work for some, and we prepared for everyone’s comfort level. Our nationally recognized 440 Hours Medical Coding Program combines the dual advantages of online education and classroom instructions. We have partnered up with continuing education programs across US Universities bringing traditional class room setup to specific geographic areas whose job market is in specific need of Health Information Technicians (HITs). The Course Outline was specially designed targeting candidates with minimal to zero Medical Coding work experience.

 Our strength relies on providing effective tools for our students to achieve their Medical Coding credentials through the Introduction to the Health Information Management (HIM) World, Heavy Guidelines Reviews, and Practice Scenarios. We invest back into our student’s success through providing: (I)-All Necessary Coding Books, (II)-Dual Learning Delivery, (III)-In Classroom and Online, (IV)-Boot Camps, (V)-Exam Fee Waivers, (VI)-Over 6 Months of Free Webinars

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One Code offer specialized Webinars in key subjects that will continue fostering learning and development. The HIM world is complex, your skills should be too!

Boot Camps are available for people with field experience or exposure in this or other areas of healthcare. Boot Camps help succeed in board examinations and obtain credentials currently available for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and American Academy of Medical Coders (AAPC).

Ultimately, it is the individual responsibility to be proactive leaders in their career achievements. One Code recommends allocating a minimum of 15 hours a week to complete the intensive introductory course. Self-paced programs are exempted from this suggested time frame. 

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Our Style

One Code’s teaching style is directly inspired by alternative methods of self-directed learning. Since everyone learns differently we offer freedom into our program to deliver comprehension. Our team configures lesson plans to foster innate human curiosity and individual interest.  Self-Paced lessons are exclusively online based.

Our instructional method combines the seven learning styles offering a full spectrum of technique easily adaptable to everyone’s capabilities. Hands on learning is the core of our program offering case scenarios and exercises to sharpen those coding skills and getting our students ready for the board examinations.

The instructor serves as a messenger sharing wisdom; professionals, with years of experience in the related field sharing the instructional material and applicable “secrets of the trade” to assure career success to our students to whom we provide personalized customer service.


Our Code

Corporate sponsorship for skill development is scarce, it is time to validate and invest in one’s professional attributes to get real advantages. The code that moves us is the code of HUMANITY. We value the chance to nurture a better version of ourselves and our students.  Satisfied people at work are happy people at LIFE.

In this fast paced productive society, mentoring is also rare. But it doesn’t have to be. Long standing professionals get to develop and polish their skills with the help of an ally. The willingness of those “seasoned” professionals to share their labor expertise and at the same time strengthening the pool of candidates entering the workforce is invaluable. Consequently, throughout the year and in several locations, we host rich social events to nourish exchange of ideas organically. We thrive for creating human connections that will most likely develop into strong laces of career support and SOLIDARITY.